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National University Student of the Year in 2010 (only 10 students in China)

Head of the well-known dormitory of "The Real-life Big Bang Theory"

As the head of dormitory, organized college roommates to record the “Lecture Room 5023” series which vividly shows how to DIY electronic devices. The video series became great a hit among Chinese university students with more than 1 million clicks. My dormmates and I were later reported by NHK, CCTV, Global Times and other media stations, and our dormitory life was described as “The Real-life Big Bang Theory”.

President of Student Academy of Sciences

No. 1 Middle School Attached to CCNU (the best middle school in Central China)

Held science knowledge contest with 3200 participants. Organized school teams in the China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC).
Photo: Nobel Prize Winner Chen-Ning Franklin Yang visiting Student Academy of Sciences

Team Leader of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (NUEDC) is the largest contest on electronics design in China. Tens of thousands of undergraduates participate in the contest every year. Our team, after intensive training on electronic systems designing for 2 months, outperformed most other teams during the competition, and won the second prize in Shanghai site.

Media Coverage

Notre Dame "Looking beyond conventional networks can lead to better predictions"

Vice article "We're Modeling Networks All Wrong"

Nature World News reports the networks approach on analyzing ship-borne species invasion

PowerTweet won 1st prize of Schurz Innovation Award on Data Mining in 2013, reported by South Bend Tribune

Dorm 5023 reported by NHK World (Click to play)